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The Johnson County Museum moved to its new home in the Johnson County Arts and Heritage Center in the spring of 2017. The Johnson County Museum Foundation raised $1.8 million to fund the new long-term exhibitions.  Visitors connect with our history through two long-term exhibits: Becoming Johnson County  and Kidscape.  A changing gallery introduces visitors to new ideas and themes in engaging exhibtions several times each year.


In Becoming Johnson County, visitors explore the county's history and development through four key themes:  land, policy, and regionalism, and our people. Tour and discover how Johnson County residents have worked together to create the community of today. The 1950s All-Electric House, the centerpiece of the exhibit, exemplifies the American Dream many hoped to find in Johnson County.  KidScape, the renowned children's interactive experience, is bigger and better!  Kids have fun exploring these three unique communities, kids learn through play about the past. 

The Johnson County Museum Foundation gratefully acknowledges the following individuals and organizations for their financial support of the On the Move Capital Campaign. With their gifts, the Museum Foundation raised close to $1.8 million dollars to fund the new exhibitions at the Johnson County Arts & Heritage Center.

 On The Move campaign Supporters

Regnier Family Foundation

Mainstreet Credit Union

Parks & Recreation Foundation of   Johnson County

Bright Idea Signs & More

Barton & Mary Cohen Charitable Trust
Davinci Roofscapes

Eclipse Roofing
Kansas Humanities Council

Waste Management of Kansas

William T. Kemper Foundation

Jane Wilson

Bill & Linda Anthony

Commercial Surfaces

Freedom's Frontier National Heritage     Area

Home Fixes LLC


Mindi Love & Jeff Pendergraft

Thomas M. McCabe

    in memory of Deborah L. McCabe
Larry & Cindy Meeker

Suburban Lawn & Garden

James F. & Mary R. Tearney

Doug & Lori Allen

Alice Amrein & Tracy & Caleb Underwood

Gerald & Martha Baird

Gary and Kathy Bussing

Dr. and Mrs. Herbert Bruning

Central Bank of the Midwest

Lauren Crawford

DST Systems, Inc. Matching Gifts Program

Edwin & Janice Eilert

Calvin Engelmann, in memory of Andrew and Liesel Schneirle
Mark & Nancy Gilman

Rose and Alan Grimes

Dwight Guy

Wayne & Julie Hickman

Mary Kay Ingenthron
Michael & Therese Iverson

Paul & Marilyn Lyons

McQuaid Brothers
Joe Medina

George & Theron Schlagel

Sunflower Republic

Maury & Angie Thompson

Ed & Nancy Wallerstein

Dave & Bev White

Hannes Zacharias and Marcia Higginson

$101 - $999
Dennis & Michele Brewer

Mark Burdolski

Country Club Bank

Tom & Audrea Griggs

Ann Holmes
Chris & Anne C. Jones

Ann C.U. Kindred
Scott & Heather Long
Bruce & Shirley MusgraveSteve Petrehn
Aletha & Bob Simon

Sarah Wille

$100 & Under

Jan Barrington

Justin Border

The Brewer Family

Sara Carroll

Alice Creveling

Mr. Roger Ellinger

Gary & Melanie Hannah

Steven & Marsha Harmon

Sara Katherine Keckeisen

Paula & Rusty Leffel

James & Nancy Stankiewicz
Tracy Quillin

Michael & Laurel Rogovein

John Shreve

Randy & Karen Stapp 

     in memory of Freelyn & Betty McGee

David & Betty Thompson

Family of Ralph VanGoethem

White Haven Motor Lodge Sign Acquisition & Restoration Donors

$1,000 & Up
Bright Ideas Signs & More

Dean Johnson 
Mindi Love & Jeff Pendergraft

Regnier Family Foundation

$500 - $999
Kathy & Gary Bussing

Historic Kansas City Foundation
Ann C. Holmes
Tom & Deborah McCabe

$101 - $499
William L. Bruning
Roger & Mary Bruning
Ron & Barbara Baker
Kay Callison
Maurica Sue Campbell
Ben Craig
Anne & Chris Jones
KC Modern
Ann & John Kenney
Mrs. Ruth Morrison
Heather Paxton
Randell L. Sedlacek
Esther Sunderland
John & Evelyn VanGoethem
Jim & Connie Walsh
Esther White

$51 - $100
Sheila & Mike Berry
Charlotte & Richard Brockman
Calvin Engelmann, in memory of      

Anneliese Engelmann
Mr. & Mrs. Dennis Evans
Louise Foster
Bill & Marjorie Franklin
Fusion Fitness, LLC

Bob Greenspan Photography
Sheryl Gulley
Rob & Becky Johnston
Bob & Sara Keckeisen
Congresswoman Jan Meyers
Hilah Rozier
Iris Sanford
Joseph Seliga & Vanessa Vergara
Mary Lou Spalding
Will & Mandy Stelle
Donna Williams


$50 & Under
Krista & Steve Agocs
E.G. Amoneno, Jr. 
Alice Amrein & Tracy Underwood
Shauna Anderson

Ian & Elizabeth Arnold

Mr. & Mrs. R.E. Atha, Jr.

Bill Berg
Marty & Candy Birch

Mary Birch

Martha Bostick
Beth Brandel

The Brewer Family

Carole & Robert Bromley
Jan Burnette & Gail Ochs
Mike Burson
Peter & Jo Farabi
Jane Grady
Gail & Jerry Gregory

Mary Griffin
Melanie & Gary Hannah

$50 & Under
Steven & Marsha Harmon

Ralph Hays

Guy Herman, Museum Insights
Carrie Homstad
Ruth Hopkins
Marjorie Dyer Hubbard
Lucille James

Randy Johnson 

Allan & Elisabeth Kanter
Melinda Kearney

Trudy Keyes

Rose Klusman

Jay Knox
Lee & Dorothy Kroh
Russel & Paula Leffel

Christopher Leitch

Margie Lundy
JoeAnne Miller
Monica Moll

Judith Parker

John Rich

Leo & Helen Rieke

Robert & Colleen Robinson

Michael & Laurel Rogovein

Teresa Shock
Barbara Smith

Carol Smith

Tristan Smith
Forrest & Barbara St. Aubin
Tom Vince
Mark & Mary Virden

Thomas E. Waggoner
Dave & Bev White

Gene White

Larry Winn III
Ann & Matt Zimmerman

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JCAHC Grand Opening June 10 20157
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